Young Driver Allegedly Used Boss’ Car For Armed Robbery

A businesswoman known as Alhaja could not believe her ears when information got to her that her trusted young driver Sherif who uses her Sienna to pick up goods, allegedly used it for a robbery operation.

The suspect was apprehended and surrounded by ‘’area boys’’ around Alesh in Ilaje, following a tip off that he and some other boys, armed, allegedly robbed some houses in Ilaje.

‘’Sherif and some of his friends came to my area with guns to rob residents of their belongings. I was not there but I was told, and the description of the boy and the car is a perfect match. In fact, I was told that he stole our baale’s phone and when I got hold of him today and searched him, I saw the phone. He has the phone with him. Now he can not explain where he got our Baale’s phone from’’ one of the community boys recounted to Alhaja.

‘’Earlier today, I still saw him in your car’’ another said.

The boss who was startled by the allegation, stated that he was yet to come by her shop in order to drop her car but did not worry because she trusted him.

Already with a swollen face, Sherif was still holding on to his madam’s key while trying to deny the alleged robbery.

‘’I didn’t use your car for robbery ma’’ was all he told his madam.

With rage and collective effort from the community boys, he was taken to a nearby police station in a tricycle.  

However, in a recent development, our correspondent caught up with Alhaja, she happily revealed that her car has been cleared from the mess and Sheriff is currently behind bars.


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