You can get driver’s license within a month. Sometimes, within 3 weeks – Ajah Licensing Station Manager

Mr Olaniran Ibrahim, a station manager at the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA), Ajah licensing center, took the time out to answer the frequently asked questions submitted by car owners/road users and how to probably obtain your driver’s license.

What do you need to renew vehicle license?

Vehicle license is a vital part of one’s vehicle document. It is the one displayed on your windscreen. Just at the corner of your windscreen. Once, it’s expired, all you need do is take it to a vehicle licensing office, we will run it on our system to confirm its expiry date. Take for example, if the expiry date is August 2018, we will confirm using the plate number, so we can figure out when to issue you a renewal. Through your details, we would know if have an outstanding bill, if you do, it is an automatic roll-over, meaning you will have to clear that before proceeding or processing a new license. Same procedure for Hackney permit.

How much is the renewal of Vehicle registration?

It is on our website. Visit

How can I renew my car license online?

It is possible but I don’t think Lagos State has provided an official online platform for it and Nigerians need to be careful because online fraudsters may have provided fake websites, so, it is best Nigerians visit the designated offices for this. Although, there are some domains being handled by some agencies affiliated with the government likeVehicle Inspection Office (VIO), Road worthiness; you know the document which shows if your vehicle is fit for the road. There are domains recognized by the government, so when you pay, it gives you your license automatically.

How can I renew my driving license online?

It is very possible and easy. Just log on to to apply. Follow the instruction on the site and pay there. You can also track your application status on the site. However, you will still need us to ensure that your online transaction was successful, and you will also have to pass through the VIO.

How long does it take to get Driving license in Nigeria?

Formally, it takes 3-6 months but now, you can get it within a month. Sometimes, within 3 weeks.

How do I check my car license online?

For now, you can not until there is an official online platform

What is the process for renewal of a driver’s license?

When your driver’s license has expired, make sure you visit our website. All you need is your license number and date of birth. If you are getting a license for the first time, you must come to our office.

How do you change car ownership?

One is advised to visit one of our centers. We’ll provide all the necessary information.


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