Although it took police a bit over a month to find all four suspects connected with XXXTENTACION’s murder, they’re now gearing up for the four men accused to stand trial. A judge ordered Michael Boatwright to undergo a mental examination before the case proceeds. After the results of the examination came in, it was determined that Boatwright will stand trial.

According to The Blast, one of the four suspects in X’s murder case, Michael Boatwright, has been determined to be mentally capable of being able to testify. A court-appointed doctor revealed that Boatwright was competent enough to stand trial and the criminal case against him will move forward.

The judge in the case ordered the suspect to submit a mental exam in order to determine whether Boatwright fully understands the charges against him, if he’s able to comprehend the penalties involved with these charges, if he’s capable of behaving himself in court and if he’s able to testify relevantly.

Boatwright was arrested in July for an unrelated drug charge. However, a warrant was issued for his arrest for first-degree murder while he was in police custody.

Boatwright is accused of being one of the two armed men who robbed XXXTENTACION outside of the Riva Motorsports on June 18th.

More information pertaining to XXXTENTACION’s murder trial will be posted.