Woman Rejects Marriage Proposal, Lamborghini

A man’s hope of getting married to his queen was bashed after the lady rejected his marriage proposal and the orange Lamborghini he got for her.

A video footage shows the Chinese rich man proposing to the woman with balloons, roses, fireworks and orange Lamborghini but she hesitantly turns him down. Frustrated by the lady’s action, the man was heard shouting ‘I have money’ but that did not change her stance.  she hesitantly turns him down

“I bought your favourite sports car for you,” he says, adding, “I can buy as many of these cars as you like. I can buy whatever you want.”

The woman politely says in English, “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to. I’m so sorry.”

However, the man who is not ready to take rejection says, “Marry me, marry,” and flaunting his wealth he yells, “I have the money!” That’s when the woman shouts: “You have money, so what!?” before walking away with her friend.


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