Wife Leaves Court Hearing To Stop Divorce

A 50-year-old Austin Nwachukwu sadly told a court sitting in Sangotedo, Ajah to give a final advise to his wife who won’t desist from her unnecessary spending and lavish lifestyle. 

The man who requested for a divorce during a first setting which took place in April, said he had tried working things out with his wife but all she did was frustrate his efforts and plans for their three children and their future.

His wife who was seen at the court premises earlier today had left just before the sitting. It was later said that, his wife stopped picking his calls and her number became unreachable.

‘’My lord, I have tried everything humanly possible to tame the lavish routine of my wife, but we always end up arguing over it. I was well-to-do and life happened, but my wife does not seem to understand that our lifestyles have got to adjust. I have great plans and I have been working towards making our lives better once again, but she scatters my plans, spend money on unnecessary things like buying expensive jewelries, clothes and cosmetics. I am tired’’ Mr Austin told the court.

‘’She has no priority. She spends too much. I recently moved my children to another school, a school we can afford. My wife was not pleased with the school, saying it doesn’t befit her profile, forgetting that, the school is what my pocket can afford. I am tired of the marriage. She is affecting my life negatively. She now keeps late night. I am still willing to work things out for the last time because I do not have a choice. But my lord, if she doesn’t follow my conditions, which are taking care of my children and to also stop wasting money she didn’t work for, then I am pleading for a divorce.’’ He added.

After the female president had listened to Mr Austin, she revealed that a letter of advice would be sent to his wife and the judgement would be placed on hold till the 1st of November.


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