Venom Star Riz Ahmed Wants Eminem To Record A Diss Track About Him

Eminem may have recorded a song for the Venom soundtrack but one of the main actors in the movie Riz Ahhmed wants the legendary Detroit artist to get back in the studio for his sake.

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, the British actor was asked to rate whether random things were over or underrated these days.

He spoke about Stormtroopers, E.T. and more, touching on the topic of Eminem in 2018, he said “Eminem in 2018 is underrated, man. He’s still one of the greatest of all time, you can’t take that away from him. I’m glad to see him back out there just getting angry with people. My goal is for Eminem to do a diss track about me. That’s when you know you’re important, you’ve made it. So Eminem man, there’s a lot of ammo here. I’m wearing a stupid hat here. You know, just get at me man.”

LOL…The chances seem to be pretty slim for a full diss track to be aimed at Ahmed but maybe a line will suffice. What do you say, Em?


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