Release of Two Nigerians Shifted Jussie Smollett Assault Inquiry – Chicago Police

Chicago Police is requesting for fresh interview with Jussie Smollett after saying “the trajectory of the investigation” into the reported attack on the Empire actor had shifted since the release without charge of two Nigerian brothers they had detained for questioning.

Meanwhile, Smollett lawyers responded that though the star would continue to cooperate with police, but feels “victimized” by report which says he might have been involved in the attack.

Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying

a statement issued by law firm Todd Pugh and Victor P Henderson said.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said:

We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation.

We’ve reached out to the Empire cast member’s attorney to request a follow-up interview.

Smollett in his report had said he was attacked by two masked men shouting racial and anti-gay slurs and “This is MAGA (Make America Great Again) country!”.

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