Police Arrest Twelve Suspected Cultists In Addo

Police officers of Langbasa Division have arrested twelve suspected cultists in connection to last night’s rampage and robbery along Addo road, Ajah.

According to a report gathered by Ajahcity correspondent, the cultists were terrorizing road users, robbing them of their gadgets and money, damaging cars.

The report stated that a team of Policemen was immediately mobilized to the scene, leading to the arrest of some of the cultists while others escaped. Machetes and some phones were recovered from the suspected cultists who are currently in police custody.

 It was almost 10pm when I heard some gunshots and I was in my car at that time. I saw people rushing out of their cars for safety and others running for their dear lives. The tension was much so I had to abandon my car to be safe as well. There was no movement at all. I couldn’t say if it was a gang of robbers or some cultists’ reprisal attack, but some cars were vandalized. At the arrival of policemen, it became a battle between the police and the gangs. Thankfully, they arrested some of them.

an eyewitness recounted.

However, some residents stated that the gangs started a rampage in the area last week, damaging cars and some were certain that they heard several gun shots.


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