Pastor Swindles Mum Of Three, Sleeps With Her Two Daughters

A pastor, name withheld, has been arrested and in police custody for swindling a mother of three and sleeping with two of her daughters.

It was gathered that the mother (name withheld), a former member of the pastor’s church and a single mother was instructed by the pastor to sell her car in the name of sowing a seed.

She claimed that she was placed under a spell or charms when the pastor collected her car and sold it. The woman further claimed that the pastor has her two beautiful daughters, the first and last daughters (names withheld) who were under his spells because they now refer to as a witch.

The issue escalated when the last daughter visited the police station to see the detained pastor and on seeing her mother, she embarrassed and called her a witch.

‘’The man who claims to be a man of God is sleeping with two sisters and has rendered their mother penniless. He made sure that the girls are hardly available for their mother and she strongly believed that they are under a spell. She said she was once under his spell because he made her sell some of her properties but now that her eyes are open, she can boldly say that the pastor is evil and not a man of God’’ our source said.

‘’When police officers went to arrest the pastor, they saw some undies belonging to the last born who later confirmed that they belonged to her. The last-born claims she loves the pastor and they are in love, while the first born is not ready to let go of the man. The first-born who is doing pretty well for herself used to have two cars and gave one to the pastor while the mother uses commercial buses’’ our source continued.

It however became a mild drama in the police station when the two sisters discovered that they have been sleeping with the same man and he has been duping them.

Meanwhile, one of our sources stated that the ladies have apologized for causing their mother pain and for treating her badly.

All efforts to also hear from the pastor proved abortive. 


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