Nigerians Attack Tinubu Over Plans To Impeach Governor Ambode

The National Leader of the All progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is under attack after the recent plot to impeach Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State.

On Monday, the Lagos State House of Assembly said it may impeach Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode over alleged gross misconducts.

Also, the House summoned Ambode to appear before it within one week over his failure to formally present the 2019 Budget before the Assembly.

Meanwhile, the recent development has since generated reactions online from Nigerians.

Here are some reactions from Twitter users;

@WantNigeria “For me, we should be fighting Bola Tinubu for all these. He controls Lagos and dictates what happens. He removed Ambode and instituted Sanwo-Olu and he’s going to win because you’re going to vote for him. Now is the time to take back Lagos from Tinubu and you can do that by not voting his man.”

@_Rasaqagoro_ “If Ambode can be bullied and disgraced this way? How then do we trust Sanwo-Olu to be independent If he wins though? The coming days in Lagos aren’t smiling at all.”

@Baddestbossbabe “Ambode might be afraid of being probed when he leaves office. Tinubu basically controls Lagos state and most of y’all will vote for his chosen candidate. It’s quite shameful.”

@DAfricanvoice “So what happens after they succeed in impeaching Ambode? Or let’s say they end up not succeeding,it’s simple! The APC will be further divided in Lagos State! Ambode wake up! Ask God for wisdom.”

@Bullusonpoint “How Tinubu controls Lagos State and the entire South West still remains a mystery to me. Lagos people used to hail Ambode before but when Tinubu turned his back against Ambode, all of a sudden, Ambode became incompetent.Now, it’s impeachment.”

@Fash_Olu “This action is not surprising. Tinubu has made himself a warlord and kingmaker in Lagos State. The people of Lagos shld free themselves from this self centred & corrupt leader. Ambode shld resign and pitch tent with Agbaje to wrestle Lagos from Tinubu.”

@Elibokunit “Tinubu deliberately chooses political neophytes as his annointed. He won’t allow people who know how to play the game to have access to the Lagos treasury.”

@Afrispheric “I stand to be corrected, but if Ambode is impeached, he will not be entitled to the fraudulent pension for ex-governors and deputy that Tinubu created.Tinubu is really out to deal with Ambode.”

@Donmeka “Everything was rosy but Ambode didn’t build himself a political structure. He became complacent and depended fully on the structure that made him “The Jagaban political dynasty”

“With Tinubu behind him, what could ever go wrong with Ambode in Lagos? Nothing.”

@Ogar_Jnr “I’m not a Lagosian but from what I’ve seen Ambode is the best lagos governor I’ve seen but Tinubu because of his greed he won’t allow Ambode to rerun, Ambode is far more better than Fashola.”

@Prestonowodo “Ambode has to manage whatever he sees. I had expected him to deffect to a strong opposition party and fight for his right but no, he didn’t Now he has been used and abandoned.”

@Stalyf “The main reason for the impeachment move against Ambode is to set example and make good scapegoat. This is why we must not vote in Sanwo-Olu because the man will be a slave of Tinubu 100%.”

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