Naked Prostitutes Drag Customer To Police Station

Two prostitutes recently caused a scene while dragging a ‘’customer’’ down the street of Ajiwe to the police station. The prostitutes who were half naked, dragged the client to Ajiwe police station after he refused to pay an amount of service charge agreed upon, the previous night.

According to eyewitnesses, the half-naked ladies were seen entering the police station while holding on to the man’s pant, insisting that he must pay them, or he would be locked up.

‘’I saw two half naked women dragged a man into the police compound this afternoon. On sighting them, I knew who they were. They stated that the man slept with both of them and refused to pay the agreed amount of 10,000 naira and that is why they brought him to the police station’’ an eyewitness recounted.

Speaking to the officers of the law, the client was heard saying, they indeed had an agreement, but he was unable to pay them for their services because he does not have the money.

Meanwhile, a report stated that the man was given a phone to call for someone who would help him out of the situation before he was eventually placed behind bars.

However, at the time of this report, the ladies were later seen clothed. They insisted on waiting for the customer’s helper to bring their money before leaving the police station.

Crdt: Ajahcity-Correspondent


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