Kim Kardashian Escapes Calabasas Wild Fire

How fast do you think you are? Especially when a disaster like the Calabasas wildfire is happening around you, how fast can you move you and your family.

It creeps in quicker than we could have ever expected, no matter how many warnings or signs or stories we’ve heard about it.

Kim Kardashian saw it early from high up in her private jet and make it out of there with all her stuff right in time as fires broke out near her home in Southern California.

As Kardashian‘s plane was landing on Thursday night, she saw how close it was to her house, and had one hour to pack up what she could before getting the family out of there. It looked like a night of terror for all involved, a fear-inducing set of circumstances you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. “Pray for Calabasas,” she wrote on Instagram.

CNN reported that the fire grew at “a rate of about 80 football fields per minute” and tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes, including many familiar names.


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