Jcole, Bryson Tiller, Sony Music, Roc Nation & RCA Records Sued For Allegedly Stealing Beat From Producer

Gary Frisby, also known as G-Money, is suing Bryson Tiller and J. Cole as well as Sony Music, Roc Nation and RCA Records for allegedly stealing a beat he produced.

A report states that legal documents filed on Friday, March 8th claim that Gary’s 2013 track “Shawty So Cold” was ripped off for Coles’ “Déjà Vu” and Bryson’s “Exchange.”

Also, Gary’s suit claims that his song and their songs have “the same kick pattern, snare pattern, FX swell and vocal strike. The substantial similarities between the three songs are of no coincidence.” Bryson released his Trapsoul track in 2016 and Cole’s was released the following year in 2017. 

G-Money is suing for “$150,000 per infringement, plus an injunction against them from continuing to profit off his work,”.

Okay so why now?

Anyway, wondering why you haven’t heard much about an album from Bryson, that is because he previously delayed the release of his upcoming album Serenity until he’s “happy with it.”

I understand that people these days love to have new music every 4 months but that’s just not how I work. Fans out here giving me ultimatums and shit and I’m just like damn I thought this shit was forever. tryna get it right for ya’ll but most importantly myself

He said.


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