Georgia Cop Tases Black Woman In Her Own Home

A Georgia cop is currently under investigation after he tased a woman on her own porch.

The incident which was captured on camera, circulating on social media, shows the Gwinnett County officer dragging the woman around the front of her own home before shooting her with the stun gun.

Although the video does not show what led to the altercation, the woman — later identified as Kyndesia Smith — makes absolutely no threat of violence before she is incapacitated.

The clip shows the officer arguing with a group of women, all of whom are Black, before telling one: “you’re under arrest.”

He does not say what she is under arrest for; Smith stands behind her friend — later identified as Aytra Thomas — who is sitting in a chair, but the officer roughly grabs her and drags her out, spilling Thomas out of her seat.

The group plead with him to calm down; instead he pulls out his Taser and aims, yelling: “Get on the f–king ground. Get on the ground right now. Taser. Taser.”

Exactly 21 seconds after telling Smith she is under arrest, the officer fires, sending her crashing into the bushes while her friends scream in horror.

Watch the full video below: 








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