Fans Want ”SurvivingCardiB’ As She Admitted Drugging And Robbing Men

American rapper Cardi B is in trouble for probably talking too much. During an Instagram live stream this weekend, the rapper revealed some things that she’s done in the past that she’s absolutely not proud of. Those things include drugging and robbing men when she used to be a stripper.

The artist who has never claimed to be anything other than a “street bitch” admitted to some pretty terrible behavior, claiming that she used to flirt with her clients as a stripper, take them to a nearby hotel, drug them and then rob them.

Right now, the hashtag “#SurvivingCardiB” is trending worldwide with many of Cardi’s critics calling out the double standard here. If a man were in her position, admitting to robbing and drugging women, he would probably get arrested. However, in Cardi B’s situation, people do not believe that any charges will be made.

Watch the confession and fans reactions below;

Meanwhile, this is coming after she shared the news of trademarking ”Okurrr”


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