Chinese Man ”Trapped In His Own Body” For 12 Years Finally Awake

A Chinese man who was in a coma for 12 years is finally awake.  

The man Wang Shuboa, a native of eastern China, suffered catastrophic injuries in a 2006 accident, which happened when he was 36 in Shouguang in eastern China.  He was in coma for over a decade and his mum Wei Mingying who was at his side all through was the first he saw when he awoke.

Wei, aged 75, spent all her savings on her son’s treatment, and told Chinese media that she went for a month without eating, as a result, she is £13,000 in debt.

For years, she woke each day at 5am to wash, feed and tend to her unconscious son. His father died when he was young, meaning Wei was responsible for caring for him.

Although Wang is unable to speak, all he does is exchange smiles with his mother and she is optimistic that he can make a full recovery.




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