Are These What We Think They Are? Honeymoon Pictures?

Dear AG and Simi,

Okay, we all get it. You two are married and I am happy that this is a dream come true for both of you.

However, when are we (your fans) going to feed our eyes with your wedding pictures or maybe another video but this time, it should come from you two.

I know the wedding was private, away from the Internet but a ceremony with 300 guests isn’t private. Yes, it is not.

A private wedding should be an affair with little or no guests; just few members of your families, close friends. In other words, it should be a small circle of attendees?

However, I believe that the lovebirds knew exactly what they were doing. How do I mean? They knew that all eyes will be on them, and there would be a lot of attention on social media.

On the other hand, it is all good publicity for both of them. They are really enjoying the moment and yes, they have used the oppourtunity to release a video titled, Promise. (Famous celebs still use publicity, so don’t be thinking that they don’t need it)…lol. Now, you can see what they did there! Nice move AG and Simi.

As of the time of typing this, the ‘private’ couple are currently in South Africa (for their honeymoon?) Maybe, but the two are posting pictures and videos of themselves.

So, what are you two trying to tell us? You (Simi and AG) obviously want us to drink water and mind our businesses but both of you are stylishly telling and encouraging us to follow-up with you two, huh? Okay o, we will but it is just a matter of time because we will soon be tired of waiting.

Alright I know some will say they have rights to their privacy. Okay, you mean a private-public life right? Have you ever thought to yourself that if they wanted a private life so badly, they would not bother showing us where they are or whatever they are doing there. I will say stop leading us on with little clues or no clues at all.

Meanwhile, I understand what you two are doing (winks) and it is working for now; just for now.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

Check their pictures and video below:

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