A Racist Billy Steele Gets Knocked Out In An Underground station

A racist man whose name is Billy Steele is trending for the wrongest reason.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, the racist is ranting and condemning black gents who are inside the train he is in. 

He’s seen directing some provocative comments at the black men who were quiet all through the trip via Bank Station in Central London. 

Meanwhile, a passenger is heard asking Billy, what’s being black has to do with some of his incomprehensive words, yet, he kept on ranting, calling black people as pets. 

The video cuts to a scene where he is chanting, “lesser than us” while swaying from the handrail, facing the group of black men, saying, “you are my pets”. 

However, as the group of black men try getting off the train, the white supremacist walks up and squares up to them with clenched fists, shouting “come on”.

While at the door, one of them turns and punches him with a right hook. 

Watch the full video below


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