Post Malone, Girlfriend Goes Their Separate Ways

If you have a huge crush on Post Malone, well, it is now to shoot your shot…hahah

According to a source, the star and his girlfriend,¬†Ashlen Diaz, have split after three years of dating. Diaz broke up with the artist a few months ago, however, another source told them it was a mutual decision to stop seeing each other. But Diaz is reportedly upset by the split, but the rapper’s demanding schedule has placed a strain on their romance.

And Diaz’s Instagram seemingly confirms the rumors because she has taken down the pictures she had with him. Malone, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have many photos with Ashlen on social media.

In recent months there appeared to be trouble in paradise, as Post was seen cozying up to a mystery woman on a yacht. The bikini-clad female looked a lot like Ashlen, but there was much speculation about her true identity.


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