16-year-old housemaid Accuses Boss of Impregnating her

A housemaid, name withheld, has accused her madam’s husband of impregnating her and denying their secret affair. The girl who is only 16 and lives with the couple in Ajah, alleged that her boss had sex with her on two different occasions, while the wife was pregnant and when she newly put to bed.

According to a report made available by the suspect’s wife (name withheld) to the Ajiwe Police Station, she said that, the maid attempted to hide the pregnancy, but she noticed some changes in her attitude and features.

‘’My house-help has been with me for a while now. Just recently, I started to notice some changes about her, but I didn’t question that, until, I had my baby. I later got to know that she was pregnant. She was not going to tell me who impregnated her. After so many interrogations, she spoke up. I find it difficult to believe it was my husband who impregnated her’’ She revealed.

Meanwhile, the suspect, name also withheld, has denied having an affair with her and impregnating the young girl.

However, a source told our correspondent that the police is interested in the case and has directed the couple and the girl to Lagos State DNA and Forensic Center, CMS for DNA test.

The source noted that the result of the test would determine what to do next.


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