10 Hit Songs Jennifer Lopez Shamelessly Stole

On my music table today, I am discussing Jennifer Lynn Lopez’s music. We can’t deny the fact that Jennifer Lopez has made her mark and still making it in the music and movie industry.

JLO whose music career kicked off in 1999 by dropping her debut studio album On the 6 became a name, met positive responses (I wonder why because she’s the successful version of Milli Vanilli)and has never looked back. Before I let you on what type of artiste she is, I would like to acknowledge the obvious, which is, she is a good and energetic dancer, making her a good dance performer on stage and of-course a good actress (respected by all Hispanics)

However, some, especially JLO’s rivals believe that she is a fraud, whose entire success from the bottom comes from ripping off of other artistes and dirty business tactics. You may have your doubts but there’s always a truthful side, which is, Jenny stole all her hit songs, does’t have that voice, can’t sing, instead she uses the works of different artistes.

This article is not to bash her but one thing I want you to know for sure, is that, Jenny from the block owes a huge portion of her music career to a long list of vocalists and that is the reason for this article. I want to reveal the voices on her songs and of-course the writers.

Over the course of her career, particularly before her 2007 Brave album, Lopez does not only steal songs but developed a habit of using the female artistes’ vocals to pass off as hers without any credit to them as featured artistes. JLO would lip-synced to these vocals in music videos and live on stage.

From my research, here are some of the songs JLO stole and lip-synced;

her first single “If You Had My Love“(From her debut Album On-the-6, produced by P-Diddy): written by Rodney Roy Jerkins aka Darkchild originally for Chanté Moore titled If I gave you love. Her then boyfriend Diddy heard the original and asked Darkchild to rewrite and give Jennifer the song. Instead of her own vocals, she used Chanté’s demo all through.

Chanté Moore

2. Jenny From The Block: JFTB was her first single from the album, ”This is Me”. A song that trademarked Jennifer Lopez was actually not vocally performed by her. It was Natasha Ramos’ voice all along! When Natasha submitted her own demo for the song, it was discovered that Ramos almost sounded like JLO but way better. Instead of using her own voice, she used Natasha’s. Back in 2002, Jenny released a remix of JFTB, yet again sung by Natasha Ramos. After she wrote this song for Jennifer Lopez, Ramos sang the entire chorus and bridge. Here is the leaked demo by Ramos for JFTB.

Natasha Ramos

3. Play: Play was not written for Lopez at all. This song was co-written by Christina Millian. Her vocals were heard all over the finished version of the song, most prominently on the background vocals (JLO didn’t sing a single note). Although, Christina got a credit for the song but not as a featured artiste and no royalty given.

Christian Millian

4. Waiting For Tonite: This song was originally made by a pop group called 3rd Party with the same title. Jennifer who claimed to have hated the song when she first heard it, later released her version but kept the back-up vocals from the group.

3rd Party
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (9919712aj) Mariah Carey American Music Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA – 09 Oct 2018

For many artistes, covers are no big deal, however, majority uses their voices, their versions, their backups but not Jennifer Lopez. She has made ghost singing her business.

4. I’m Real 1 &Remix: The first ”I’m Real” song was from Yellow Magic Orchestra but was first discovered by Mariah Carey who made an attempt to license a sample of it for her song ”Lover boy”. However, ex-husband beat her to it by handling the sample to JLO , who of-course didn’t use her own vocals (No wonder MC doesn’t recognize JLO as an artiste till date).

5. I’m Real (Murder remix) ft Ja-rule: Although, it is the same title but it is no way similar or closer to the first one. This remix belongs to RnB singer Ashanti. Most of the lyrics on this song was written by Ashanti and her demo vocals were kept, only to be used by JLO. Jenny lip-synced Ashanti’s part of the songs, her back-up vocals and chorus. Ashanti received credit for background vocals but never received a co-writer’s credit on her track and no royalty was given to her!


6. Ain’t It Funny(Remix) ft Ja-Rule: This song has nothing to do with the original. The only similarity here is the title. Once again, Ashanti hopped on this song, wrote a brand new lyrics over an entirely different beat. Not only that, she sang the entire chorus and background vocals. Jennifer pretended to be singing on Ashanti’s vocals. She was even a cameo in the video. No credit was given to her.

7. Ride or Die: This was stolen from Aphrodisiac star Brandy. The song was written for Brandy but suffered multiple delay after recording. Without reasons for the delay, the song was passed on to JLO. This time, JLO used Brandy’s vocals instead of hers.


8. All I Have ft LL Cool J: Song was stolen from Deborah Laws and Makeba Riddick. (All I Have was a second single from the album ” This Is Me”) Most of the vocals was taken from Laws’ 1981’s Very Special. Deborah Laws took JLO to court but the case was dismissed not once but twice. However, the prominent voice on JLO’s version was Makeba Riddick. Here is the link to the original song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLRBVE98Bv4

Debra Laws’ Very Special

9. I’m Gon Be Alright Ft Nas: This song originally appeared on the JLO album before it was released on J to the LO, the remixes. When it was first released, it featured 50Cent but before it got to the radio, EPIC records replaced him with NAS, leading to a long standing feud between the two rappers. Later, 50cent revealed that the names of the backup/chorus vocalists weren’t listed and he wondered why, adding that, the voice isn’t JLO’s.

I’m Gon Be Alright Ft Nas

10. Get Right: Stolen from American singer Usher Raymond. It was the lead single from Jennifer Lopez’s Rebirth. Initially, Jennifer Lopez wanted Amerie’s ‘1 thing‘ but Amerie was smart enough to leak it before Jlo could lay her hands on it. Due to that, Rich Harrison who was Amerie’s producer and co-writer for Usher’s Get Right (originally for Usher’s 2004 Confessions), gave Lopez this song as an apology to JLO.

The song was already demoed by Usher but that did not stop Jenny. She used Usher’s lyrics without his permission and of course the vocals was done by someone else with a bit of her own voice this time.

Usher’s Confessions

Are you disappointed? Shocked? How did she survive the music industry without a call out from the music critics? By the way her last year’s song Limitless written by SIA also had SIA’s vocals on it. You may be wondering what her voice sounds like and if she could truly sing (LOL), well this videos will also tell you the truth or you be the judge. Click on these links:


Nothing changes the fact that she’s a hustler, right? But then, hopefully, JLO gets to really use her God-given voice without ‘using’ other artistes’ voices or maybe she should get herself a voice coach. Never too late Jenny!

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